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Jasmin (ジャスミン)



(Teaching career)

6 years


I love cooking, gardening and reading books.

( If I were an animal, I would be ... )

A bird..because it is bring nature to us..its symbolizes freedom and independent.

自己紹介 AUDIO
(Self introduction)

自己紹介 TEXT
(Self introduction)

Good day everyone, I am Teacher Jasmin and I welcome you all to be part and study with us at Kyoto Eigo mate.

In our class, I’ll give you all the tips why we should learn English, speak confidently and fluently. We all know that English is a worldwide language, it is very helpful if you have a basic English.
It is a big opportunity too. Why?
Because if you have a good level of English you can easily and effectively communicate people, for example, if you are seeking or even your traveling your communication skills would be great. That’s it!

And what is more? study with us, study with my class and we will learn together! Welcome Students!